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sexy mocha, light- medium brown skin. Some range in differnt tones. Yellow, Red, to Brown Bones. LOve them all. Sexy Tropical Skin.
Eric: Love them sexy Tropical Tones. Them Brown-mocha girls gotta goin on.
#brown #sexy #chocolate #morena #mocha
by mia45 May 07, 2009
a tasty hot drink that's a hybrid of chocolate and coffee
ultimate starbucks order: "hi can i have a humungus... yes, 'venti', how pretentious, mocha with peppermint essence please?"
#mocha #starbucks #peppermint #pretentious #venti
by davetwocombs April 30, 2007
a wonderfully brewed individual consisting of chocolatey ancestry dilluted by a splash of milky goodness resulting in a very delectable other words,

Someone who is half black and half white. They are usually very attractive because every biracial child is.
Mommy, I want to have mocha babies when I grow up.
#biracial #mulatto #mixed #black #white
by japanic March 06, 2006
A coffee shop in Sandy Hook Connecticut; Mocha was once the home of a man who had a strong interest in amphibians. He had a large collection of frog and toad memorabilia. He was also very into experimenting with 5-MeO-DMT, the chemical in the venom of the Colorado River Toad. The man had a collection of these toads and would harvest their venom and use it to hallucinate. One day he ingested bufotenine, the chemical in the venom that is poisonous and died. When the Mocha was built the upper part of the building was cleaned out and the collection of frog and toad memorabilia was used to decorate the coffee shop.
Wanna go to Mocha and grab a muffin
#toad #newtown #sandy hook #connecticut #mocha #coffee
by Henry Pym April 19, 2009
Someone who is half black, half white.
They are typically the most attractive people possible.
Hey did you see the new guy?

The half white, half black guy?

Yeah the mocha guy.
#white #black #race #beautiful #mixed race
by andyq May 27, 2013
1) Kind of chocolate coffee.

2) Type of pattern on antique dish-ware.
1) I love mocha coffee! It's delicious!

2) Oh, that's really nice! That mocha dish must be quite valuable.
#coffee #flavorful #color #colour #beautiful
by Quadropheniac73 September 30, 2009
A name for beautiful little girls, black or white doesn't matter as long as she is beautiful!
"Mocha" is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Look at that pretty little girl "Mocha" over there.
#mokah #mokka #mocca #moka #mocha
by Javagirl11 February 25, 2010
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