"make money fast"

Also known as a scam, pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme.
"I know a really good MMF where you can make tons of cash!"
#money #ponzi #pyramid scheme #cash #scam
by HighTechGeek November 26, 2008
mmf, is the leet, or 1337 term for the sound of a muffled climax produced by one (male) wanking.
Omg dude, did you see that chick at the show? She was teh sexiest, I was like mmf...mmf..mmf all afternoon.
by Jeff July 27, 2004
Meeting Muthah Fucka
Person always in meetings.
by Johnny Rotten February 17, 2004
a shorten version of the word "MO", which is a shortened version of the phrase "MO-FO", which is also shortened for the term Mother Fucker.
Basically it's a quick and easy way to call someone a mother fucker without having to use all those syllables.
"You are such an MMF!"

Jason: Hey guys! wow you look like crap today, well i gotta run BYE!
Todd: What is that guy's problem?
Gilroy: I don't know dude, i guess he is just an mmf
#mo-fo #mother fucker #asshole #jerkface #dick
by Kayla Grace... January 14, 2008
MultiMedia Fusion - a very powerful game and application creation tool. This is a very common word between "clickers", together with TGF and KnP.
MMF caused crash in EdRt.exe
by Imp June 22, 2004
Main Mother Fucker
This could be used to describe a boss, or other leader-like figure in a workplace or otherwise.
"that guy's the MMF around here, you dont wanna screw with him"
#boss #main #man #mother #fucker #in #charge #leader
by muka shaka paka July 08, 2006
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