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Any kid who "thinks," he's a badass, and can can kick anyones ass becuase he took 1 MMA class at his gym.

These kids threaten to fight someone, but will almost always backoff If the other person agrees to fight.

Or by mistake they threaten the wrong person, and end up getting thier ass kicked by a real badass.
MMA Douchebag: What are you looking at?

Real Badass: Nothing.

MMA Douchebag: Damn right nothing, Ill kick your ass.

Real Badass: If you even touche me, Im grabbing the crowbar out of the bed of my truck and beating your ass up and down the street.

MMA Douchebag: Hey!...I'm sorry man, I dont want any trouble.
by dats2dope December 09, 2009
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