MLS shortened term of Mediocre Soccer League, is a professional soccer league in America. It consists of 19 teams, and plans to add a 20th in the coming years. In it's 16 years of existence competition, and attendance has improved, but not as much as MLS fans fool themselves to believe. The play is sloppy, disorganized, and the refereeing is terrible. The best players are mediocre, or European players who are past their prime. A large percentage of the leagues stadiums are still half filled if lucky, the fans chants suck, and supporters groups are wack. The Table makes no sense, allowing more than half the league (10 Teams) to make the playoffs, and then letting teams in one Conference play in the others Playoffs. There is no promotion and relegation system, and on top of all that there is a tight salary cap to make sure no teams out do themselves and sign a foreign player in their prime, as well as to make sure small town teams get a chance to win too! The commissioner is an idiot, and neglects cities that would actually support a team. It gets no respect from other leagues (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Budesliga, Mexican League, Serie A Brasil) except if it's public relations The only two somewhat respectable teams are LA Galaxy, and Seattle Sounders FC. Hopefully they get on track and Improve.
John: Hey bro, I'm sorry I'm early. What do you want to do until the Barca and Chelsea game starts?

Alex: I know! We could watch the MLS game of the week, Chivas USA vs NY Red Bull!

John: eww.. Fuck That! I think I'll go home and watch Fluminese vs Santos, or some EPL re-runs.

Alex: Yeah forget that. MLS is so wack, I think you lose brain cells watching that shit.
by Brasilemeucoracao August 27, 2012
Mad Lesbian Syndrome: An identified medical condition in which signs of crankiness, up-tight attitude and utter prude-like bitchiness are commonly displayed on a regular basis around pretty much everyone
Laura: “Dude, Becca straight up denied my back-yard bbq invite for Dan’s birthday and sent me a message later that said she had more important things to do. What the hell, man?”
Dave: “Sounds like a bad case of MLS. Whatever. Her loss!”
by msbuttersworth August 11, 2011
Major League Shit.
A huge shit that you do, one that has possibly been stored up for a few days and then BAM you just explode from the ass.
Gavinda: Just had a chicken shit after that KFC pretty big.
KazZ: I haven't yet taken a crap bro.

3 days later...

KazZ: Dude just had the most epic MLS ever! That was one Major League Shit.
Gavinda: Nice bro.
by KazZ! August 06, 2011
Major League Stoner: A person very experienced in the usage. or smoking of marijuana, or someone who has smoked weed for a long period of time becoming an a master/expert on subjects regarding marijuana , such as potency and strains, as well as market pricing and other such subjects related to marijuana, and its use.
My friends is a MLS ,a major league stoner, he smokes all day everyday. You need to know something about weed you go to him, he's an expert.
by PhillyAppleKY August 09, 2010
Black united gang, also consisted of a few wogs.

mls hangs around the eastern subarbs of melbourne, now known to be one of the hardest gangs around, apprently running through houses tagging cars blowing drug dealers houses up is there kind of thing.
Highly Respected.
id watch out for MLS there tough and dont fuck around.
random: heard of mls ?
random 2: heard they got hot chicks
by franky466 December 28, 2009
my life sucks
I just failed my exam. MLS!
by Justin Santiago July 21, 2008
Moon Light Strkangers.....
Crab and Raskal killers from Lowell MA...

Close affiliation with DLB and DC..
MLS rocking your way kuh....
by YG Blood October 07, 2004

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