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People who think they are "pro" at a certain game. Usually Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War. Their gamertags are so retarted and Use UppEr CaSe and LoWer CaSe like ThiS, Use of more leterssss, two ii's, z's, x's, o's, v's etc. They also have a bio that consists of foreign characters that you have to squint your eyes to read that shit. They talk alot of smack and usually mod. Most of them aren't even that good. They promote how "GB" they are and promote their lame youtube channel. They buy Gamerpics such as, Konsole Kings, and MLG Picture Packs. They use vocabulary such as "BK Randy, Scrub, Get Slapped, Get Smacked, etc." They are very easy to find in call of duty game modes such as "Search and Destroy, Demolition, Ground War, and Domination." Their Gamertags would look like: iToo SiiCK, iiTz DropShoTzz, o Examplezz o, Communticationzzz, GeT o SLaPPeD, etc. They range from 13 year olds to 30+ who need to get a job.
Dude, those guys "Communicatez" and "LeGiiT ShOtZ" are such MLG Poser Wannabes, just look at their motto and bio, and they are like 13 years old.
by Thward October 15, 2010
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