Degree course teaches students nothing much but to bullshit future employers with media industry with 'buz' words and MLA chat.
uses words such as:
'i have read adorno',
'look at my new mac laptop',
'sorry i don't program, but i can talk shit for hours'
'my mummy and daddy are very rich'
'i'll work for peanuts''
'look at my new roll neck jumper'
'look i wear crazy clothes, i must be a designer'
'yes i'm a interactive designer'
'i'm so wacky'
'yes i can cut out jpegs'
'i'am a jumped up little twat who knows shit.....'
by holmer sexual April 29, 2003
Top Definition
MLA, Mouth Like Anus, from the TV-show The League.
When a certain shade of lipstick makes ones mouth like an ass hole.
"it doesn't bother you that ____ has a bit of MLA"
by UnnamedBasterd December 22, 2012
Modern Language Association.
They have a format in which you have to write your college/high school essays.
Probably the reason why you hate your English class.
"I failed English because I suck at MLA format."
by Snipingkid December 13, 2008
MLA format is a bibliographical format used in essays and such as a way of siting sources.
usualy includes footnotes and a specific way to write out sources
i have to write my paper in MLA format.
by pseydonym April 10, 2005
Stands for Member of Legislative Assembly, used in Canadian provinces for provincial elected representatives, especially in Quebec.
The MLAs voted down the House Leader's budget proposal, creating the risk of a government shutdown.
by Jasper Ferg February 14, 2012
My Life's Awesome.
Used to combat everyone wallowing in their own self pity with "FML" (fuck my life)

MLA, I just got into University
by Paddy O'Mally March 22, 2009
My Lips Are Sealed
MLAS - You will not hear another thing about it !!!
by geovic July 06, 2011
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