A wack ass rapper from no damn where who makes ignorant ass jungle music that simply backs up my man Nas when he said Hip hop is dead. MIMS has recieved instant fame because of his wack ass, busted ass, sorry ass, punk ass, bitch ass, faggot ass, gay ass, stupid ass, retarded ass, ignorant ass, fake ass, no brain havin ass, sorry ass sounds that have been packaged and distributed disguised as music.

His music is played by 16 year old white girls in their Convertable Bugs and honda civics in their high school parking lots so that they can appear "gangster" by listening to some watered down no skill havin negro who disgraces the rest of the black community more than the Jerry Curl.
MIMS: I could make a mil sayin nothin on the track

MIMS is the only rapper with a vocabulary smaller than that of Mike Jones or Lil John
by Sir Wonder May 14, 2007
A frat guy with a small, lacking penis.
Girl 1: "Oh no girl, don't shack with him."
Girl 2: "Why not?"
Girl 1: "He is such a Mim. LACKING!"
Girl 2: "Oh my gosh. Thank you for warning me."
by Katiegirl005 February 22, 2010
A poser, someone who mimics you. A fake.
Gosh! Shes such a mim! she has that Green Day shirt, but she doesn't even like them!
by Edward cullen March 08, 2007
An acronym for 'Muscles In My Shit'. An expression someone uses to explain how strong they are. It is a positive expression. If you have 'MIMS' you are strong or tough.
I ran 20km this morning, went to the gym, went shooting in the afternoon, then ran 20km this evening. I got MIMS
by felverts January 17, 2013
Piccolo playing CUNT. John Phillip Sousa's best friend. Enjoys lobster hunting on beachfront. Collects knick-knacks to display in farmhouse along with millions of pictures of her children. Avid photographer, butt-model, and dedicated member of the High School Fiddle Club.
Mim: "I'm hot cuz I'm fly...you ain't cuz you NOT."
by laranewman February 03, 2009
an exclamation of sadness much the same as "oh"

your chocolate bar just fell on the floor mate in some fluff. mim

i cant go to your house later. mim

my mum wont let me see my boyfriend. mim

(over MSN / Aim etc. to a contact) aww mim i gotta go now my dad wants to have a surf.
by ..milly.. March 06, 2007
Music Is My Savior made popular by MIMS and his single This is why I'm hot.
Mims sings siik jams.
by blllaake February 12, 2007

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