A word used as a replacement of the word "awkward" when "awkward" has been overused in the conversation.
Lindsay: Bill did you just lick Justin?
Bill: Umm...
Justin: Uhh...
Katie: Mildew...
by Billium August 15, 2006
Top Definition
Mom I'd like to do every weekend
Cal: Hey you see that MILDEW over there?
Andrew: Nah I normally don't look at fungus
Cal: No no that 'MILDEW'
Andrew: Oh yeah she's a babe
by I'm Gudda Gudda May 10, 2010
Ta dip out when aint no honie's down for tha cut up.
To leave when your chances of a one nighter are slim to none.
"What up man, what you wando...bar-b-q or mildew?"
by QCB August 22, 2005
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