A corruption of the much more frequently used MPS (Mega Piss Skill) - but instead of relating to urinary annihilation of a office cubicle/train toilet/public bog,is short for Mega Gas Skill.

A coded means of relating to a friend in a crowded place (Lift, Bus, Train , Plain, Automobile ) you've just increased your carbon footprint with a noxious emission.

Global warming begins with the seat of the pants, and violation of the olfactory organ.
Ted : "I've got MGS"

Petey : "I know because my nose is bleeding and my eyes are running."
by LostJimmy May 18, 2009
Top Definition
mutual genital stimulation
Nick and his girlfriend engaged in some MGS.
by Rabbi Nick May 26, 2008
Acronym for Metal Gear Solid. A popular game by Hideo Kojima.
Dude i just bought MGS 3: Snake Eater today. Holy shit that games awesome.
by The Puppet Master January 16, 2006
Mexican girl sluts.
Hmph, I'm mad at you, heard MGSs were all over you last night.
by P-bear88 August 14, 2011
Male gossip session
Tom: When Bob comes we can find out how many guys Jenny has done.
Rob: MGS!!!
by WTFJIM? May 14, 2011
Acronym meaning Magical Green Stuff*, referring to marijuana.

*Created by a group of students from BCC.
Person 1: yo, you got some mgs on you?
Person 2: you know it!

Person 1: Aight... well, what are we waiting for? Let's go smoke up!
by axel-tango-moonlight March 17, 2010
the best grammar school in kent
full of toffs and posh people
can also be used as a term for a posh boy.
'dude,tht guy is such a mgs'
by jake eaton March 14, 2008

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