Me is
You's a fool? Me's not a fool
by DarkPun October 17, 2012
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1. Short for the phrase "mind-enhanced-state."
2. Short for the phrase "mind-enhancing-substance."
1. Man, I'm in a real MES right now.
2. Say, do you have any MES that I could purchase kind sir?
by Church Of Kaleb June 21, 2005
n: an awkward knob-twiddling bastard
hey MES, get your paws off me knob
by BPritchard November 05, 2005
(meez) The plural form of me. Often used for someone who has multiple personalities or pretends to.
1: Mes going to the grocery store.
2: Speak right, it's "Me"
1: No, there's two of me, thus "Mes"
by Deep Wheat January 10, 2011

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