1. A word used to compensate when one doesn't know the lyrics "when it comes to meow meow its just me, myself and I....."
2. Sound of happiness one makes when no other word is sufficient. "MEOW : D" or "me-fucking-ow"
3. Sound of utter boredom one makes when one is too bored to form real words. (meow)
4. A very short and snappy meow can be used to show lack of patience. " Yeah I'll move the nav element half a pixel down, . meow."
5. When one is on TV and experiencing extreme physical trauma. ~ carrot and the stick man sits in the same room as me ~ yes most people don't remember the program ~
6.  A word used to describe attractive members of opposite sex "meeeeeee ow look at that fine specimen"
7. Used in place of blah blah blah. meowmeowmeow
read the examples above meow meow meow
by missmai June 25, 2004
An awesome word. Sarah has FULL ownage and she has copyrighted it. So Gemma, you can shush your face!
person a: "meow."
person b: "dont say meow thats sarahs word she owns it."
person a: "oh shit i didnt know"
person b: "apologise and give sarah $20 so you dont get your ass kicked for copyright issues."
by awesonemous February 13, 2009
Meow can mean pussy like pussy cat
I meowed at a security guard and he chased my car and called the police for saying meow. (true story)
by Cool kid FROM salem October 15, 2007
The sound that cats make you fucking dumbass!
Meow meow!
by 1337Juggernaut October 11, 2007
A word me and Jaydee use to amuse our selfs =]
ME : heyloaahh
JAYDEE: meooww
JAYDEE: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwww !
ME: ok ok you win...
by ehleese August 06, 2006
A school-appropriate nickname for a female's genital area.
1- "What I wouldn't give to look at that bitch's meow!"

2- (Slutty ugly girl to attractive male): Meowwwwww baby.
by voguegirl July 08, 2006
The uncontrollable noise a person makes when they express the emotion of inflicted pain (also known as cutting).
Jackie meowed when Ravin told her he didn't love her.
by Jackie and Ravin November 26, 2006
battlescreech that lots of ppl use
devence meganism
*make a kind of claw hand* meeeoooooow
by Lauren November 16, 2003

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