1. a sound a kitty makes.
2. a sound that is fun to make yourself.
"meow... MEOW!!!! MEOW!!!!!"
"No kitty this is my potpie!"
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 28, 2003
a sound made by domesticated felines
that cat was meowing all night
by TheKid February 03, 2005
A word used to alert nearby friends that you have just spotted a hot chick, and are now awaiting their aproval. Very similar to Garth's, (From Wayne's World) "Shwing!"
Mario: "Meoooowwww! Meow at 9 o'clock?"
(Friend quickly nods)
Alex: "MEOOWWWW!!!"

Mario: "Meow, damn she fine!"
by Mario February 02, 2004
meow is the best word in the world! can cure anything
Teenage Girl 1: aww my boyfriend just broke up with :(
Teenage Girl 2: awww its all meow down towrry bout it!
Teenage Girl 1: HEY! thanks teenage girl 1 your amazing
by meow mister June 25, 2009
when 2 girls or more are fighting is called at CAT fight. Cat's meow. Which men thinks is hot, Hoping they'll get naked...
Jack: Holy shit Marissa and Anna are physically fighting!

by Jing-Jang-Long May 03, 2008
to whine, complain, or to simply voice discontentment
I'm sick of your mom meowing about the way I use our money! In fact, I'm so sick of her meowing about it that I'm going to meow myself! LOL.
by squeakmouse March 14, 2006
as Bobby threw his shot short. Mark replied with an emphatic "MEOW"
by CUBAN VALIS July 15, 2008
said when someone says something that may lead to a fight/something flirty. usually used with a hand motion in which the wrist is moved down.
girl one=im gonna smack that bitch so hard!
girl two=meow!
by alloftheotherdeffinitionsareshit December 10, 2004

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