Many Cocksucking Retards.
Hey That's Too MCR!Hey Yeah! XD Nice Nice Nice!
by justin is pogi na pogi August 27, 2007
Canadian Computer Rental Company, MicroComputer Rentals
I did not want to buy a server so I rented it from MCR
by putz February 24, 2004
MCR - formerly Micro Computer Rentals
now = MCR Rental Solutions
" We will supply you everything you need.. except a licence.."

what's a computer licence?

are these my feet? who is this? hello? hello?
by nobody from nowhere March 01, 2004
Stands for My Chemical romance. They are a pussy ass band that cannot make a shred of good music. The are emo fags that are goth wannabes. They suck ass.
Douche bag: OMG, I love MCR!
Badass dude: Dude, they suck so much ass that when I hear them playing, I feel like gouging my eyes out and tearing my ears of.
Douch bag: They do not suck!!!! (sniff sniff)
by Ace-o May 01, 2008
short for my chemical romance, a band that absolutely SUCKS
dude, wtf is that whining noise?

MCR, duh
by mcrsucks August 25, 2007
Abbreviation - Matchless Crowd Racing...
The Red MCR GT-R looks crazy!
by NeophyteHM95 August 29, 2006
Maulkorb Cue Represent. The greatest crew to have ever existed. See loyal, dominant and revered.
"Dude, isnt that the MCR over there?"
"Fuck, lets get out of here."
"Nah man, lets give them some goon!"
"Excellent idea."
by mcr January 23, 2005
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