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A rapper that is only heard in the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, that you never hear him rap, just giving a shout out.
Yo! This is MC Shithead! On Radio Los Santos, the home of gangsta rap and gangsta bitches.
by Freakazoid July 12, 2005
When you go to McDonald's and ask for a McGangbang and it pisses off the cashier so he shits on your burgers and makes you put them together yourself.
Customer: "Can I have 1 McGangbang please?"
Cashier: "WTF thats not on the menu!"
Customer: "Fine I'll make it myself!"
Cashier: *Makes burgers and shits in them aka Mc Shithead*
Cashier: "Here you go asshole!"
Customer: *Takes a bite of shit*
by Sarch Kano March 30, 2011
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