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MC Pepperoni was a rap artists commissioned by the Republican Party to preach values to young conservative audiences. His career was short lived—after two indictments of homosexual molestation and an affair with one of the Kennedy’s daughter, MC Pepperoni returned to his old, Italian village and started his own web development company.

Needless to say, MC Pepperoni was a bust. Legend has it, MC Pepperoni’s first EP, “Reagan’s Ray Gun” can still be found in his old record label’s warehouse. I know for a fact that his music is still floating around in thrift stores, and if you’re lucky to get a hold of one of these gems—as I have—you’ll hear MC Pepperoni’s influences: the stooges, Run DMC, Gwar, and Cream.

MC Pepperoni is a legacy and I suggest anyone who can obtain one of his albums, do so.
Yo, I be sing'n dis song
All dem baby's iz gone
Das why abortion is wrong
by Stalin January 27, 2005
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