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A scruffy older gentleman that trys to relive his past through surrounding himself with younger people, usually fresh outta highschool.
"Hey let's go over to MATT Z's house after school, we can do anything there"
by MrArizona November 19, 2011
So great, cannot be described in words
Itz Mattz. Im about 2 faint
by Worshiper of (V)áttz March 17, 2004
The most cancerous piece of shit player on runescape thinks he is good at vorago but is complete trash, gets out dpsed by the bomb tank as a dps and despite owning a noxious staff is a spud cunt and uses a wand of cywir elves with virtus book. No-one will ever pvm with him ever again if they want decent team. His ingame name is current tinderfella
Even with 120 invention I still can't invent a way to make Matt Z good at runescape.
by Tinder king Matt June 12, 2016
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