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A group of individuals who have met through smoking marijuana, possessing mutual marijuana smoking friends, whose activities are usually centered around the magical green plant. Each person plays their individual position in this "green team".. ex.

Acitivity Planner-Plans group's activities before, during, and after the smoke sesh. Ex. watching willy wonka, going to Blazerquest, having a green day in the mountains.
The Transporter-Drives the MARIJUANtourage to pow wow destinations and also picks up the necessary substance.
The Philosopher-Like to talk of intellectual topics

The Smoke-a-dex-The guy/ girl who knows at least 10 people to "pick up" from.
"After class I'm meeting up with my MARIJUANtourage. We're gonna have a sesh then go play Blazerquest "
by FlexIconic December 22, 2009
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