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A 32oz or larger mimosa (1/2 Orange Juice, 1/2 Champagne)
I will be starting the morning with a MANmosa
by JordanRinke January 08, 2010
16 20
The real manly version of a mimosa. :)

Vodka, Blue Moon and OJ
Two of those manmosa's had me done son!!
by FilTime February 18, 2011
45 18
the manly version of the mimosa
miller high life (the champagne of beers) + orange juice
That was a delicious manmosa. Make me another.
by hambino78 October 24, 2007
55 37
A Mimosa made with beer instead of champagne.
My wife and I were making mimosa's for a party. We ran out of champagne and we made manmosa's for the guys instead.
by Deltagam23 January 14, 2010
21 15
The real manly version of the mimosa. It is a mixed drink of black coffee and whiskey or bourbon, especially Wild Turkey or Jim Beam.
The only that gets me out of bed in the morning is a strong manmosa.
by dudebro69 November 18, 2009
7 28