term for a boyfriend whose only purpose in life appears to be to carry or contain his girlfriend's numerous accessories (e.g. keys, wallet, lipstick, camera, umbrella, coat, pepperspray, etc.)
'Why Lucy, that is just too much for you to carry on your own,' said Sally. 'Why don't I have my manbag John handle it.'
by Katie, Tage January 05, 2008
A man who has let himself be used by another man as a carry-all on the street for narcotics such as crack cocaine or heroine, the drugs in question being rolled up in condoms and then hidden up his bottom and transported to their destination in that way, either by walking, car, motorbike, push-bike, bus, train, ferry, or helicopter, either locally or long distance, but not internationally.
My dear chap, all I want you to do this morning is to transport these rolled up condoms full of cocaine through the streets up your bottom. There is no question of you being a Man-Bag for me, as I will not even be on the street with you, as this is something you are doing for your own profit and entirely of your own volition.
by Zamboozee April 11, 2011
A term used on a New Zealand childrens show.
You decide what they're talking about.
Actual quote;"...everyone needs a man bag!"
by Thrushbeard March 09, 2005
Reverse teabagging. Done in such a way that the penis touches the mouth, chin and/or nose depending on how long the member is and where the balls are positioned.
Dude, you just got manbagged.
by Vin P January 03, 2006
The ultimate accessory. looks good and holds everything.
Is that Jen Hawkins?...and who is that hot looking Manbag escorting her?
by Jewels49 February 04, 2010
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