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NOUN - common
1. Puffy swelling under the eye after a boozy night
2. Slang: testicles
3. Small handbag for a man made from leather, fabric or other substance displaying a brand name such as Gucci, Prada, Adidas or Game
4. Slang: condom
5. (Biblical): David kept his sling and stones in a MANbag (if he'd thought to, he could have kept his iPod in there as well.)

VERB - transitive: to MANbag something / someone
1. deposit small things in a MANbag e.g. he MANbags his keys after locking his car
2. hit someone with a MANbag e.g. He was MANbagged at the disco
3. to wear a condom e.g. it is wise to MANbag before sex
EXAMPLES in English:

1. Bible: "Reaching into his MANbag and taking out a stone, he slung it..." (1 Samuel 17:48)
2. Shakespeare, William (1564-1616): "With MANbag and baggage ." (As You Like It - Act III; Sc 2)
3. Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790): "It is hard for an empty MANbag to stand upright." (see Noun 4 above)
by JustiboyFB August 16, 2009
A bag with one strap worn by metrosexual or homosexual males. Especiclly prevalent in cities and on college campuses.
Jack's man bag was more stylish than a backpack.
by Tim Meadows January 19, 2004
To partake in sexual act of tea-bagging during a threesome with two men. The women lies down facing upwards while the first male sits across her chest lowering his testicle sack into her mouth. The second male then crouches down adding his sack to her mouth.
Helen was so drunk last night she invited Tom and David back to hers for a Man-bag
by Paulschafer June 22, 2014
A purse, large duffel bag, or any other kind of bag carried by a man, not always gay.
Its not a purse! its man bag.
by Pablamos July 19, 2005
A stylish small pouch with one strap, or a larger messenger bag, simply carried by men. The men who wear these aren't all necessarily gay, just metrosexual, or just have a good sense of style. Just because a man dresses decently doesn't mean he's a homosexual.
Girl 1: Look at that Man Bag, ugh he's so gay.

Girl 2: John isn't gay actually, he just dresses decently. You should get some fashion advice from him yourself, your shoes are stupid.
by !Olivia! August 09, 2008
A little purse like bag that gay men carry around. Often disguised as a backpack but are generally smaller and much less manly.
John's leather messenger bag is cool, not like that little man bag that Randal carries around and tries to pass off as not gay.
by Todd March 03, 2005
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