The female version of a "Womanizer". Someone who uses men and throws them away like dirty torn, underwear. A woman who in place of a man would throw away a dirty condom.

A flirtatious woman!!
Damn, everytime that girl walks into that room full of guys she checks them out like a bitch in heat. Damn, that Betsy's such a MANIZER!!!

That girl likes to fool around with me. I hate it because I see her doing the same thing with every other man I see her with. She's such a MANIZER!!!

That chick could put out with 100 guys daily she's a big time MANIZER!!
by Joe Jr. February 17, 2004
A male who takes advantage of other men sexually, mentally and emotionally. He leaves them torn apart, especially in the anal region. They are usually very sneaky and have many men lined up to use and abuse. Besides stealing the hearts and anal cherries of their male counterparts, these manizers will also take you out to dinner and never call you back.
refer (womanizer) as well
by Evil Temptress1011 January 08, 2012
Manizer is a woman who actively seeks men to fulfill her sexual needs.
Ally will often seek out men, use them for sex just to cater her manizer ways.
by CHUFF3RS September 27, 2014
one who pleases many boys by performing their most desired fetishes for them. (i.e. abuse, toes, feet, legs, arms, noses)
avon: how would you like to be pleased?
boy #1: my toes, womanizer.

avon: how would you like to be pleased?
boy #2: hit me, womanizer.

avon: how would you like to be pleased?
boy #3: tease me, womanizer.

by masterultra March 29, 2009
Is generally considered a great big giant dirty slut who takes advantage of innocent young men.
Morgane is a manizer who goes out every night shakes her booty till she seduces at least 3 different men and takes them home to her bed on whore island. She also enjoys being d roc'd when she isnt out manizing people. Another one of her favorite past times is seducing Pitterson and having kinky sex with him.
by derka derka muhamad g had September 05, 2006

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