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An affliction that affects the Y chromosome in the human population. symptoms include delirium, headaches, chronic fatigue, catarrh, severe confusion, sniffles and a bit of a cough. Has been linked to hypochondria though as yet no scientific link has been proved.In the event of a suspected case of Manflu, you are advised to keep the patient hydrated via the normal fluid intake: to wit;usual fluids (water, fruit juice beer and spirits). Fat intake is also recommended to give the patient calorific energy.We recommend protein, carbohydrate, fat in the ratio of 2:4:9.
IN NO CASE should the suspected patient be made to perform any arduous tasks since this will only lead to a relapse if said patient is not ready.
As stated and signed.I.M.Llyere (W.H.O.) European Advisor in Pathogene Studies0.
by will8371 January 17, 2009
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