A person who jerks off
"Aftos einai malakas"
by mike kavli July 21, 2003
1.a.) The Greek word for "wanker" usually used in a friendly manner between people that are good friends (thus eliminating the possibilities of misunderstanding the meaning and/or starting a fight) or b.) for abusive purposes,aka in english: "asshole".

2. A type of cheese that is made only in the Greek island of Krete
1.a.) Hello "malaka"! b.) Get outta here you "malaka",before i...

2. Pass the malaka,it's very tasty!
by Manolis December 24, 2006
A male over 24 years old that goes out to clubs every Thursday night but never scores with a chick because they still live at home with their parents. He ends up with his hands in his pockets stroking it in the corner.
George loves hanging out at the club every Thursday but that malaka has no chance with the women.
by Salty524 November 15, 2007
Greek for wanker but more insulting (in Greece) useful if you want to call someone a wanker to his face but are frightened he will drop you. If he doesn't know Greek he may think you actually like him and not start a punch up. If he speaks Greek beware you will probably get dropped.
Hey man watch where your going! Wait for apology. Non forthcoming shout, MALAKA.
by PatrickWarwick January 13, 2009
Greek word, meaning one who masturbates often, usually 2-5 times a day.
You are a big Malaka!
by Alex May 15, 2004
A male who likes to engage in the sexual task of repeatedly stroking his penis with one or both of his hands. Originally derived from the Greek Language meaning 'wanker'
Look his shorts are all white, I bet he's a malaka.
by Atlas February 17, 2003
The most commly word used in greece and translates in english as "Jerker or Jerk".Also defines some the attributes of a proffesion or the ranking of an officer.
O Alexandros Jannetos einai arxi-Malakas.
by Alex February 16, 2005

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