Correct spelling of the word 'Maths'.
2 + 2 = 4 is Mafs

2 + 2 = 5 is Maths
by Sandeep90 January 15, 2010
Mad AF. You can type this when you you're in a hurry and you can't figure out anything to say to express how mad you are.
Girl: Ugh..... Ms. Harper made me so... angry.... so..
Dude: Maf??

Girl: Yeah... exactly!!!
by asiaisthebaest January 14, 2015
Stands for make a face. Verbal representation of the action of mafing.Used after a sentence express sarcasm or irony, or an awkward situation.
1. Wow, I just totally bombed my math test. Maf.


Thats a really cool neon plaid shirt he had on. Maf

2. Last night I walked in on my roomate naked. Maf.
by dangersquad June 19, 2007
"Moist As Fuck"

When a lady is super hot and bothered, moist, drippin with sex juice, just plain ready to bone.
"I'm so M.A.F. I gotta go wring out my panties."

"Ooh baby you make me M.A.F."
by CAke$ May 30, 2007
Mafia : Italian roots
--to travel in packs...

A group of 3 or more Asian people
You are at a pool hall and see a group of Asian pool players walk through the door.
Kelly: Wow...look at those Mafs
Kelly: Well it looks as though we are going to have some major Maf competition tonight.
by Jaimay March 16, 2005
Majestic as fuck.
That picture of that girl overlooking the coast is maf.
by Hawk Cunningham June 22, 2014
A shortened version of hermaphrodite.
Half women, half man.

Also a word commonly used just for the sake of it.

Maffa also means the same thing.
"Look at her, she is such a maf!"
by Flisstee November 20, 2009
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