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a place in N.Y.C. for untalented, adult imbecilic morons who think they're the next big thing on TV, when they're really just stupid public access TV people stuck making no money.
a guy takes a shit in his pants, and then starts walks around the M.N.N. building....
by it's a riddle October 05, 2004
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537 W. 59th street. Literally a Shit Hole for Homeless TV junkies from the Addiction Center; run by a staff of overworked, self-loathing, narcissistic, half-gay, imbecilic retards with a little man in Mickey Rat shoes mugging for interviews from The NY Times about how great his crappy socialist TV network is; when it's really an air-conditioned sweatshop with 25 yeard old VHS machines (not industry standard digital video servers) but manual operations of their broadcast by "crack heads and masturbators" with bad audio, bad video, blank srceens, and rotten customer service. And all of this is on NYC Time Warner Cable. A travesty and a sham.
So this guy takes a shit in his pants, and then starts walking around the MNN building....
by it's a riddle October 21, 2004
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the harvey milk high school of televison.
a place for drag queens and angry half dykes...
by it's a riddle October 21, 2004
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short for me no know. used by people who don't have an answer but don't want to be mean
guy 1: Is that real?

guy 2:Mnn

guy 1:OK
by blitzonator1123 June 24, 2007
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