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M-EZ Disease (pronounced em-ease): A very common but highly under diagnosed disease which affects people of all genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is an non-infectious non-heritable disease.
M-EZ disease is a psychological illness that causes the inability to return feelings of like/love/interest once these feelings are shown to them by a crush/love interest/date. Sufferers of M-EZ may become smitten with a special someone and pursue them however once the feelings are reciprocated the original feeling felt by the diseased are no longer present. Alternatively, if a sufferer of M-EZ is being pursued they cannot return this interest until the pursuer has moved on or become unavailible. At this point they may gain interest but even if shown again by the original pursuer the interest is then lost. M-EZ sufferers are often judged and blamed as being "only in it for the chase", however they are unable to control themselves and often feel remorse for their lack of feelings. M-EZ disease can be present in severe forms or more mild cases (Acute M-EZ Disease).

The only cure for M-EZ disease is the right person.
Me: OMG! I've liked this guy for so long, but today when he asked me out I realized I have no feelings for him.
Friend: You should get your head checked out. That sounds like a total case of M-EZ Disease!
Me: I feel bad, I totally led him on.
Friend: You can't help it, you're sick.
by g-unit12345678 March 07, 2009
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