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From Da 'Burbs to Da Chi', 12 Gauge-Don Juan,Kamikaze-LunatikLuva,Raypest-J-Olson, Have made the most formidable rap group
All my niggaz All my women get buk,SquadUp, put up cha handz letz tear da bitch up,ladiez make lame niggaz give up da doe,Playaz run ya game n' ball and fuk da ho, Ready to go get down while I be bangin wit bass,dont change tha pace let'cha body maintain da shape, Go n ya pocket pull out a G wave it around, Check how I rock it And tell me can u hang wit da Sound, I Slo it down, Speed it up,Thro it Up Wen I rock a party cuz I heat it up, Got chiks Pockets stik game tite Lookin great Playa Hate Niggaz sayin it aint rite, Gargantua, Stompin a tarantula,Da Phantom of da opera, Rockin ya Damn Im 2 popula Hol ya handz High like I got tha glock 2 ya-Lyrikal Assassinz Anthem
by Young D aka Ka-Z alias Divine November 28, 2003

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