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Is the main enemy in the video game Chrono Cross. Originally from the year 2300AD, he gets thrown back in time to the year 1020AD without choice. Later, he becomes dedicating to destroy the protagonist (who's very boring), Serge. He is a demi-human, which is half-human, half-animal. His animal half is quite apparent. Puts the majority of the other characters to shame when it comes to how awesome he is.
Lynx is the best character in Chrono Cross, and can kick Sephiroth's pussy ass.
by Katopolis December 22, 2004
A text based internet web browser.
Lynx is the worst web browser out there!
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
Deoderant thats been in English speaking countries since the 90's and just made it to America in the Naughties labled Axe,

Warning Wearing too much of it will make everybody in the room vomit or pass out especially if its a real bad scent.
In my experience Lynx J*&* attracts the girls Haahaahahaa It's Mine all Mine.
by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural lynx or lynx·es
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin, from Greek; akin to Old English lox lynx and probably to Greek leukos white -- more at LIGHT
Date: 14th century
Date of urban adoption: circa mid-1990s
: a woman, typically in the 50s, who intentionally preys on younger men, who are typically in their early 20s. The term's urban use began pejoratively, and has thus far remained pejorative. Often among a group of inebriated friends the most inebriated is selected and encouraged to approach the lynx, to the glee of all those who witness the regrettable event.
Related terms: cougar puma
I don't care how hot that lynx is; she's too damn old!
by Sam November 30, 2003
A feline that is normally grey or brown, has faded spots, and black tufted ears.
I saw a lynx at the zoo! it was really cool.
by Kian Lynx September 29, 2003
The best text based web browser known to man. Lynx is very useful on any unix based computer because a gui does not belong on any unix based computers (except for all of the noob mac users who pay for freebsd...it is named FREEbsd for a reason...sigh), which leaves us with lynx.
my hosting customer has the most rotten pr0n site 3\/4r! zomg!!! *shudders...truly rotten! i do not want to be scarred for life by browsing his site where i can see pictures so i use lynx instead; it is especially useful when connected to the server it is being hosted on.
by jeffrey<3unix December 02, 2007
An older woman that likes younger men...but not quite a cougar. Age difference is within five years.
That lynx wants a freshman she can mold
by melly95482 March 29, 2011
The best friend you will ever have. He is brilliant, strategic, and a lethal enemy, but has a heart of gold. He treasures the people he loves with utter selflessness and would do anything for the few people who have the sensitivity to understand and admire him. He is often misunderstood and prefers to be alone, but he is a hopeless romantic at heart. There is no limit to his talent and he will never cease to surprise and amaze you. If you are lucky enough to meet and befriend a Lynx, don't ever let him go.
"Hey, who was that kid? He caught my attention."
"That was Lynx. He is amazing...he's my best friend."
by Draquette February 01, 2014