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A variation of the name 'Marilynn'. Not commonly used, therefore it is very unique, just like its namesake. Lynnmaris tend to have a very sweet and kind disposition; but when you get to know them, a whole new side is discoverd. They are usually funny, creative, friendly and intelligent, but they have their blonde moments at times. They are open to everyone and make very good friends because of it. They sometimes anger easily, but it takes a lot for them to actualyy show it, more often then not choosing to let it go.
"Mom, I met a girl named Lynnmari today."
"That's a unique name."
"She's a unique person."

"Lynn and I were hanging out the other day."
"You mean Lynnmari? I love her, she's so natural and pretty."
by flying-soap June 05, 2012
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