a ruthless town...stay off of boston street:-D
"lynn lynn the city of sin"
by swamistix@hotmail.com January 08, 2004
The most amazing person in the world. its also been said that her hand will fall asleep while your shes in bed. shes bipolar and if your a girl you probly wont like her. but brynn loves her.
Did you know that Lynn was part of the Pink Cupcakes?
by brynnlynn March 06, 2009
1. bitch
2. child abuser
3. self-centered
4. overweight 40-something who dresses like my great-grandma but thinks she's "kewl"
5. all of the above (the only true definition)
Katie- "Who's your mom?"
Alice- "Lynn."
Katie- "I'm sorry."
Alice- "Yeah, my house is like hell."
by AliKali1996 October 21, 2011
A dunghole masquerading as a city a few miles north of Boston. The population of Lynn is made up entirely of prostitutes, drug addicts, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, con artists, pregnant 14 year olds, deadbeat teenage dads, welfare cheats, and vagrants. The only industries that flourish in this squalid cesspool of a city are prostitution, drug dealing, arson, and pit bull fighting. There was hope for Lynn when a massive fire leveled much of downtown many years ago. Unfortunatly several more conflagrations or possibly a dirty bomb are required before this sub-human, third world hell-hole can be salvaged.
Question: What happened last night in Lynn?
A:Murder during drug deal gone bad
B:Rape of teenager or elderly woman
C:Devastating 4 Alarm Fire
D:Gang Fight, killing several thugs
E:All of the Above

Answer: E of course

All stories will be printed in the Lynn Daily Item newspaper, complete with multiple mis-spelled words and missing or incorrect punctuation
by Little Jack Horny February 11, 2005
a person who thinks he or she knows more than he or she actually knows


a person who is a complete and utter biotch
That teacher is a complete Lynn. She even uses quotations for words like "ride".
by sarah matahomo August 08, 2007

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