As a soon to be former student of Lynchburg College or LC, I just want to say that the school is not as bad as the other posts make it seem, although the only way you will feel that way is if you smoke weed...everyday, this will help to deal with the fag LAX Bros and the stuck up bitches who all seem to have super gay boyfriends
Joe- Hows college bro

Jack- what!?!? huh??

Joe- Dude whats wrong?

Jack- I'm brain dead from smoking everyday because Lynchburg College fuckin sucks
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by W3ED H3AD October 18, 2009
Top Definition
A college of class and understanding, where you can pop your collar, wear your khakis and speerys one day, and go punk the next. This diamond in the rough is found in central Virginia. Hot chicks, cool guys, and parties year round. No matter if you want to be greek or athletic LC has got it all in one place...and did I mention everyone there is loaded $.
students at Lynchburg College not only know all the liquors at the abc store, but the price too.
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by srtdfasf October 01, 2005
A college in Lynchburg, VA. Known for their dorm room parties and such. One of the chillest places to reside in the 434. Known for hating Liberty and the huge LU that is on Chandlers Mountain. Oh yeah, one of the 40 schools on the lists that changes lives. For a good time on the week nights, students go to Walmart and Target to walk around. Is well known for Weenie Stand #1 where people can get the "best hotdogs in the world." Definitely one of the coolest places to chill. One of the few college campuses where you can smoke in the dorms.
Lynchburg College is basically the shit.
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by Anonymouses December 02, 2007
Chill, expensive, shitty food and facilities. These are some of the characteristics that define the beloved christian school in central virginia. This love/hate relationship can be frustrating at times due to the lack of shit to do to the surprisingly easy communication with professors and administration. Smoking in the dorms to having to deal with fag-lax-bros on weekends, shitty food to cool down to earth people. The fear of finding a good job after graduation from Lynchburg College is ever present, however, alumnis are always visiting and telling you how awesome their job and salary is.

You just have to experience it for yourself.
Lynchburg College:

*conversation taking place at the local wal mart in lynchburg*

Dude, you go to Lc?!?

Na man, liberty - right across the street

#lynchburg #christian #marijuana #weed #smoking
by LC sophomore July 29, 2008
A school of maybe 2500-600 people. This "school" consists of many horrendous things, and believe me its not just my opinion. Food is God awful, hours to GET food are incredibly inconvenient. Nothing to do usually. Very limited choices in fun, you get drunk or you don't. When you go to the maybe, 6 or 7 places that actually have "parties" the campus security is right there to tell you to pour out your drink. Sigh. Sports are a joke, the lacrosse players just are the biggest douchebags I could ever imagine, who treat everyone like shit. people aren't generally very nice. People are very dumb here. Girls are really not that hot. Classes generally are too easy. Kicked out for smoking marijuana so make sure they don't catch you. So many people in my class left and I'm next in line to leave, to go to a REAL school.

Yeah and what that dude said, F**K dean furter.
Lynchburg College is really, really, really, really, really awful.
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by anonymousiousomannn September 06, 2009
A place for high school "students" that cannot get into any other college. A "college" of "students" obsessed with comparing themselves to other small, private, selective, liberal arts colleges while coming up short in having...a retention rate of over 40%, facilities renovated since 1960, food that is edible, successful graduates, meaningful classes, etc. Go to this place if your rich parents can't buy your way into any other actual College (i.e. W&L, Elon, Roanoke, Wofford, Furman, Suwanee, Rhodes, Richmond, anywhere else).

Lynchburg Travel Brochure Preview:
At any time on the Lynchburg "College" campus you can find visiting high school seniors that were tricked into visiting and drunk "students" that were forced into coming after failing all junior and senior year classes.
Hey bro, why did you come to the 'Burg?

Oh, wait, what? you mean Lynchburg College. I got rejected from everywhere else.

But I hear this place is like 50 colleges that changes lives and anyway you wanna go get blackout before convocation.

Yeah, that should be chill bro. I can finish my book report on Treasure Island later. I got 5 hours til class. I just gotta study for my final tomorrow. It's crossword and matching. Brutal bro.

Yeah, how can our lives change and stuff like when they make us study.
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by lcisawful February 08, 2010
As a former student at Lynchburg College I feel that it is my duty to "keep it real" with potential candidates for enrollment and these other delusional posters who are singing its praises. Lynchburg College is located in Lynchburg, Virginia which apparently is a city and is commonly referred to by names such as fucksburg and/or shitsburg. Overall my short tenure there was defiantly the lowest point in my life. When I first moved into my dorm, and I speak from experience here, I realized that they very closely resemble jail cells. There was an inscription on my desk that read “Lynchburg Concentration Camp” which is quite fitting in my own opinion. The food here is horrible and there is no sum of money that you could pay me to ever eat it again. There is a dearth of attractive women and bountiful lax bros and otherwise large population of people that can only be described by the adjective “twat”. The administration of Lynchburg College takes great joy in kicking out students who try to enjoy themselves. I would advise anyone considering this “college” to do some soul searching and figure out what is important to you, if you enjoy activities such as bong ripping in peace and beerlympics I would suggest you look elsewhere. However if your calling is hanging out at Walmart this is the place for you! If you do not heed these warnings you will soon learn for yourself just how miserable a place Lynchburg College is. Send my regards to Dean Furter should you ever be so unfortunate to meet her.
I went to Lynchburg College and it sucked ass.
#fuckburg #shitsburg #lynchburg #walmart #college
by Cory McKay October 29, 2008
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