A homo who likes to wag TAFE and take toilet breaks often. but seriously needs a shower. Looks like a tank, moves like a tank and sounds like a angry ant
she thinks shes hot and pays people to say she is, DONT HURT ME. =) ohh and lactose HAHAHA.
Chris "woahhh homo hello *weird tongue thing*"
Lyka "i'm so hot"
Chris "yeah.... sure"
by Chrissifni February 25, 2009
Top Definition
Synonymous with attractive, beautiful, handsome, cute, nice-looking, good-looking, appealing, sweet, comely, lovely, picturesque, scenic, delightful, charming, wonderful, exquisite, pleasing, superb, magnificent

me, myself && i, LYKA
by Lyka :) March 19, 2009
perhaps the most amazing and most awesome girl that I've met. she's out of my league yet she talks to me. she's beautiful, smart and approachable. i think she is girl that I want to be with, though she's a hard 10 and I'm just a 5
Vince: so how was the day?
Woody: Lyka made my day
by Nerdy Geek September 30, 2013
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