A shorter way to write the "lol" variant Lulz.

-invented by t4sk
I did it for teh luz.

by t4sk March 25, 2007
Top Definition
A girl who speaks guy....she is known to be a the type of girlfriend that a guy wants, she's funny, likes sports, and loves nasty jokes... not jealous. she's kind warm hearted with a great smile.. Hot TOO! The PERFECT girlfriend.
I wish she was like Luz.

She is kinda like Luz.
by Lhlm75 June 24, 2009
the best friend a girl could have
She is my luz, she will always have my back, and i will always have hers.
by Bailey101 January 03, 2008
The Word "Light" in Spanish
The Luz from the lamp is bright.
by SCRiiBBLEz June 16, 2008
i luz u kitten
by luz u December 12, 2009
You really like or care about someone or something.
I luz you, you have always been there for me.

I don't luz her, she acts like a lil slutty.

I luz that fruit... its up there on my tops!!
by urlilcrazybitch2 June 28, 2009
To Really love something.
Rooofus 'luz' the snow.

I 'luz' me some bacon.
by B Kiel. February 16, 2010
UK slang verb: to throw.
Luz the ball over here.
He luzzed it over their heads
by MoodysMan April 21, 2009

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