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Classy way of referring to sexual intercourse. Most often used when inviting a woman back to your home.

While this phrase generally refers to any type of sex act, it is sometimes used to refer specifically to sex in an outdoor hot tub.

Variations: If used when referring specifically to outdoor hot tub sex and the sex happens to be anal, then the term is modified as "Exotic Garden Party"
Would you like to come back to my place for a Luxury Garden Party?

We are inviting the four Japanese students to a Luxury Garden Party.

I took her home and we had an Exotic Garden Party
by Rodney Cobbletop December 12, 2010
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A Luxury Garden Party is a euphemism for sexual encounters that usually occur in open air, outdoor locales and environs and involve a bathtub, shower stall, or hot tub/jacuzzi. Ideally, the textbook luxury garden party will involve a hot tub or jacuzzi during the late spring or summer months in an outside setting, two or more women at least 85% naked and that rate at least 8.5 to a full 10 on the Richter scale, two or more bottles of VSOP, one fruit plate and an hors d'evours platter from your local Publix, Whole Foods, or deli/caterer of your choice.
The best part of my business trip was the wonderful luxury garden party hosted by the two wonderful Korean ladies that were staying in the hotel room next to mine.
by Muhammad's Marauders December 13, 2010

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