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The Grand Pooba of Lurfopolis. Also, the count, duke, chancellor, high priest, pharaoh, emperor, king, governor, prime minister, lead guitarist, and fuzzy pickle of Lurfville, a small commune on the outskirts of Lurfton Manor in Lurfburgh, in the county Lurfchester, in the state of Lurfonia in the Grand Republic of Lurfopolis. Frequently he can be found lurfing it up at the lunch table, though he is also known for his lurfacious trumpetry.
1) Attention please: Will Lurf Lurfington please report to the attendance office.

2) A. Dude, that guy is so cool.
B. I know. He's such a total lurf.
A. a boss.
B. No, like Lurf Lurfington.

by LL4eva April 21, 2009
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