A person who unexpectedly lunges at another in an attempt to use suprise to engage the target in a passionate kiss.

Due to a lack of intuition, poor timing, nerves, or the motor reflex of the Lunger's target, such lunges are generally unsuccessful. A Lunger will often strike at the most inappropriate moment. A Lunger's target is often someone who does not desire the Lunger's attentions.

There are frequently witnesses to this embarrasing behaviour and it is believed that alcohol may play a part in deluding the lunger to believe that their actions are not only appropriate but heroic.

Lunging has been listed as a major cause of serious head and facial injuries world wide.

*It should be noted that a successful lunging attempt would be considered sauve, debonnairre, charming or romantic. Worthy of applause. Some Lungers would argue that any fails are well worth the risk!
Dancing at a club with a group of friends. One girl turns around after some random lunger calls her name. The lunger prepares to go in for the kiss but is already moving impossibly fast. As she slowly turns around his forehead slams into her nose.

You should have seen the commotion at the Awards ceremony the other nite! The 70 year old presenter practically licked the film star's tonsils when he went to give her the award. The filthy lunger!
by Lee D'Strae May 12, 2010
Top Definition
A person suffering from chronic lung disease.
Doc Holliday: (coughs) Now Ed, are we cross?
Ed Bailey: Without them guns, you're nothing but a skinny lunger...
by PhillySportsFan August 26, 2008
A thick wad of spittle dredged up from the bottom and expectorated in a public place.
Simon hacked a lunger in front of Miss Janelle's Dance Studio.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
a primitive neandrathal-like creature known for its muscular build and four legged running ability.
Although I was on the track team, I knew I could never outrun the Lunger.
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
A wad of mucus expressed from the mouth or throat.
I horked up a massive, gooey lunger and deposited it in Ron's face.
by bends February 06, 2003
A form of marijuana smoking, gets you high faster than normal, used with a half of a plastic pop bottle with saran wrap coming out of the other half.
We couldn't find Joey's bong or his papers, so we just made a quick lunger and got ripped.
by weedey mcpot July 01, 2004
A device used to smoke marijuana. Consists of the top half of a bottle and a bread bag. Enables a user to take large quantities of smoke or inhale.
"Bro, I need a hoot!"
"Got a pipe?"
"Even better, let's make a lunger."
by PrincessPothead October 25, 2012
A wad of mucus that has been brought up from the lungs.

The act of a deep, productive cough followed by spitting out the wad of mucus is called "hocking a lunger", where "to hock" is a modern wearing-down of the original "to hawk".

Those suffering or recovering from pneumonia can hock frequent, prodigious, and frightening lungers.
I hocked a lunger up to the ceiling in the gym shower last week and it's still hanging there.
by JMike1966 January 02, 2008

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