Noun: The unsavory and stale last available hit of weed in a bowl. Usually discarded as ash, lunch can be smoked if absolutely necessary.

Adj. pertaining to or exhibiting the qualities of LUNCH.
Dude: Hey Bro, you want the lunch?

Bro: Fuck that Dude, just pack it again.
Man: Yo Buddy, we gotta change this bong-water.

Buddy: I know man, its mad lunchy.
by Dr. Monk Ganja April 15, 2007
Top Definition
Two Newcastles, a banana, a hand full of peanuts and a nugget.
Dude, I went home at noon to write a check for rent and I ended up having lunch.
by Chester Peppercorn July 25, 2008
Michael Riversongs cat
(rattish voice) OOOOOOOOH LUNCH!!!!
by beans January 22, 2005
1. The second meal of the day, except for college students where it's the first meal of the day.
2. The mid-day break from the work place (usually 60 minutes), though sometimes used for work-related social interactions.
3. (out to ~) crazy
1. (YAWN) Damn, it's one o'clock. We have to get lunch before the cafeteria closes.

2. I'm going on lunch break right now. Let's do lunch tomorrow and discuss this further.

3. My boss is really out to lunch. No, I mean figuratively -- she's nuts.
by Bill M. July 28, 2004
noun; a blow-job. lunch can be either given or received.
"she gave me lunch yesterday and it was so nice"

"Dude, I heard George got some lunch from her."
by titsmiggie March 09, 2010
A one-word email sent out @ approximately 10am by co-workers, most often the office slacker, as a desperate attempt to avoid actual work. Generally a call for others to join in pointless bickering regarding the location, time and mode of transport to 'Lunch'
Kosta: Lunch

Melissa: Indeed

Andrew: Yep

Kylie: That's right

Kosta: no, when

Melissa: at lunchtime

etc etc etc
by Lunchmadness November 30, 2003
1) noun: the second meal of the day usual taken around noon.

2) he word I type when I am thinking luck.
My favorite lunch is pasta primavera.

Good lunch on your test tomorrow!
by vera! March 08, 2005
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