Lunatock is the Lue2 MC, and battlerap champion. Has also been known to woo the ladies with his sex appeal. Truely one to go down in the books.
Lunatock fuckin' pwned this whole competition. That was fuckin' awesome. - Domination
by Snake November 29, 2004
Top Definition
That's not even a word, you imposter.
Fucking Americans and their made up words.
by Snake January 15, 2005
One who could be considered the official rapper of Although owned by Mikhajist during a battle rap, rapping in general, on message boards bored him, and thus, recognizes Lunatock as the best rapper at LUE2. However, only time can tell, until Mikhajist decides to take the throne once again.
Also known for causing Mikhajist to flame him in a battle rap. This was because Lunatock made rascist comments in a controversial topic.
by Mikles February 02, 2005
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