qamri. chand ki manind

ADJECTIVE: 1. Of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon.
2. Measured by the revolution of the moon.
3. Of or relating to silver.
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, crescent-shaped, from Old French lunaire, from Latin lnris, of the moon, from lna, moon. See leuk- in Appendix I.
lunar caustic
lunar month
lunar year
lunar excursion module
by Tabi September 25, 2003
Top Definition
The state in which one is extremely high, making them feel as though they are in outer space.
Dude, those skunk bomb KB's got me lunar!
by Little Big Hoss February 02, 2011
To be really out there in thought or expression.

The action of being or expressing things that are far from 'normal' expression or comprehension.
"Your vocabulary is really lunar."

by jessicajett September 23, 2005
(Noun) An elf who is 3456 years old and is a seductress/ temptress
and she is fucking SPIFFY
I saw Lunar Yesterday, she is fucking Spiffy!
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
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