1. An extremely caring and huggable person.
2. Someone who is awkwardly awesome
Did you see Alexa? She's such a lumine!
by PamperedDerek June 05, 2011
Top Definition
Highly addictive puzzle game for the PSP.
Never let your girlfriend play Lumines or else you'll never see your PSP again.
by Muzz April 26, 2005
The definition of an amazing girl. Beautiful in every single way. Always goes out of her way to make you feel better. She genuinely cares about you. Her eyes can light up any dark day. She comes across as very independent, but loves to have someone there for her. She loves to have fun, is funny, is laid back, and is very down to earth. She treats everyone with the upmost respect unless they do something bad to her. She has been through a lot, so she can be very guarded and very emotional. Treat her well; be gentle, loving, and caring. Even if she does get rid of you one day, she will never forget you. Try to get back in contact with her, you won't regret it.
Guy: Lulu, I love you.

Lumine: I'll always love you <3
by IloveyouLuluxoxo April 22, 2013
1. Perfect in every way.
2. Amazing, lovable, leaves one speechless
That girl is lumine
by TheScrapMetal June 05, 2011
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