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A Dread-Full Annual New Age Eco-Fest held on the Takaka Hill near Motueka in the South Island of New Zealand

The Luminate festival encourages thousands of (mostly white middle class) reiki practitioners, self-appointed shamans, 'light-workers', sanctimonious hippies and eco-freaks to drive to a remote location and participate in psycho-spiritual pretense, political regurgitation, low-end cultural conformity, Tavistock-inspired psychosexual mind-fuckery and globalization workshops to further the goals of the New World Order using the Agenda 21 inspired concept of 'sustainability'.

The week long programming event includes enticements such as touchy-feely 'heart centered' encounters, tribal drum circle, guided meditations, hypnotic trance music, live bands, vegetarian food and merchants hawking a variety of 'save something' t-shirts, crystals and other new age crap.

Festival goers are generally 'conforming non-conformist' Greenie busybodies that display stickers on their vehicles demanding an end to mining or deep sea oil drilling without realizing the hypocrisy of this action.

The ego-fest provides the perfect opportunity to monitor participants and record the effects of decades of green conditioning; final reports and documentaries will be submitted to 'official parties' so the Trust may receive more funding.
Ignorant Hippie: I'm going to the Luminate Festival this year to do some drumming!

Aware Person: That event is a UN funded honey trap to further Agenda 21 and the New World Order.

Ignorant Hippie: What's Agenda 21?
by W. A. Kupp February 09, 2013