The act of shipping a girl named Yasmina and a boy named Luke. Usually when the girl's first name is Tatiana but she goes by Yasmina or Yas. Lukey-Lukes are usually waiters at a restuarant that Yas goes to. Yasmina and Luke do things that they are not supposed to do in the kitchen of the restuarant Lukey-Luke works at. Lumina likes acting very sexual and although first encounters between Lumina are usually very awkward, they usually pipe it down with help in the kitchen. The fandom of shippers are known as Lumineers and gets feels off of Lumins. If Lumins were drugs, people would definitely always be high off of them. Lumina likes doing sexual things together and girls that ship them are chaotic and absolutely crazy. Once obsessed with Lumina, girls are classified as Lumina-Brained. We cry, we laugh, and we breathe with the help of Lumins because we are Lumina-Brained. While in the process of getting feels with the help of Lumins, we Luminize. We unite together and are known by many names: Lumineers, Lumination, and Luminescents.
"Damn, look at Lumina! They are the best and most sexual couple you will ever meet!"

"As Luke took off his shirt, I took off mine and admired his toned abs. He peeled off his jeans and I pulled off my shorts. "You ready to make some Lumina babies Yas?" He whispered nibbling at my right ear."

"Lumina! Don't do it over the pasta please for the love of God!"
by Lumina-brained July 23, 2013
Top Definition
saied to patrol police in Saudi Arabia, as PoPo & 5-O, mostly called in the west coast region (Mainly in Jeddah)
the cars are using is Chevrolet Lumina SS (a.k.a. in the US: Holden Commodore) used by patrol police, and some traffic police.
1. slow down man, there is "lumina" Behind us
2. I jusst shook a lumina, man, they are fast & hard to get rid off
by Silver Mask January 18, 2008
The w-body parts cars.
My w-bodie's engine went out thats ok just go get the one out of that lumina.
by cutlsp May 12, 2006
A cheap poorly built chevy product that has a really fast v6 (3.4) but has more engine trouble than a fiat ,oh ya the transmissions suck!! try to find a 5 speed for a 1991 lumina Z34!!
when i start the lumina the engine revs a 4000 rpm, second gear is gone, both door handles broke off (real smart design there chevy), the seatbelt dosen't work, and they sound like crap!
by beatle May 23, 2006
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