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Synonymous with Lesbian or a homosexual female. Derived from the sound they make when they are eating vag or cunnilingus (say this aloud: LULULULULULULULULULU).
She is one hot lulu.
by jpchino July 04, 2013
Cute nickname often used with little girls to politely refer to their vagina.
A mom might say something like, "Make sure you wash your lulu and your hiney when you take your bath."
by tale December 13, 2012
Someone who is really, really weird, goofy or just plain awkward.
Person 1: "Dude. What's up with the new chick in our math class?"

Person 2: "I don't know man. But she seems really weird."

Person 1: "She's beyond weird. She's a total lulu."
by Bucky55 October 29, 2012
A man’s penis. Often used affectionately by a female during lovemaking.
Lady: I see Lulu getting excited again … must be the cologne.
by QuacksO September 25, 2011
A Character from Final Fantasy X. Uses Black magic to attack. My favourite character out of the series.
Lulu is one of Yuna's guardians.
by I :heart: Trinidad September 14, 2006
short for Louise

(see louise, wheeze for definition)
Dude 1:You going out with louise?
Dude 2:Hell Yeah, I love Lulu
by Scruffy Joe February 13, 2008
Self-confessed gay with prominant cheek bones and small nipples. This person usually works for hollister and on meeting a girl for the first time, loves showing them photos of his family/discussing the back light on his phone. Will frequently lock himself in his room to watch films and play video games for days on end. Has been known to pneumatic drill girls...
Person 1: I love bringing back girls from a club and showing them my family photos.

Person 2: Ur such a lulu.
by fasicle January 31, 2010