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Lukas Jones Is a Famous New York Celebrity and a playboy.
he Is the most drop dead gorgeous man, ever to walk this earth. Tall handsome, nice lips, sweet ass. cute smile. The list could go on defining his godly physical features. But his personality is what wins you over. with his sweet charm. and never ending love for snuggling. and his sensitive heart that just keeps on giving. maybe even a little too much.

Lukas Jones can also refer to the term "poolboy"
mainly wearing a thin cloth around the crotch know as a thong (thhh-uhh-ooonggg) That rides up his tush so everyone may view his godly buns of steal.
" Wow, Lukas Jones was endless in bed, he kept going for hours on end it was the best moment of my life! and then later that day, we went and shot up a school while applying hairspray and wearing some D&G shades. "
by Cupcakeking June 30, 2008
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