Usually a tall beautiful male who is into Emo music and likes bands like Lamb of God. He is funny, has a great sense of humor. Has a great sense of style, has a nice firm ass you just want to slap. Has a horse penis and can please the ladies all the time.
When I grow up I want to be like Lui!
by PHCK January 18, 2012
To play tonsil hockey with your ex, often a result of being a shitfaced lightweight.
Boris, you're telling me you don't remember anything, not even when you luied with Ulga in the driveway?
by Nathaniel Smith April 11, 2007
Acronym: Laugh Until I Shit

Slight variation on the original lol but showing more enthusiasm.

*Not to be confused with LEWIS which is the acronym for "Laugh Even While I Shit".

So while "LUIS" means it was so funny it made u shit, "LEWIS" means it was funny but not enough as to demand your attention away from taking a shit.
So next time you get that awesome random picture from a buddy that made you snicker in the manager's meeting this morning, don't worry about a long drawn out response. Just reply 'Luis'.
by Murdoch Pizgatti February 17, 2011
1. The Worlds greatest most handsome guy on the face of the earth

2. He'll take all of your bitches and make you sigh every time
3. Got the biggest dick in the world

4. He fucks every bitch on scene at the club and knows how to treat his women
5. Usually calls Justin's Bricks because honestly they're all bypass niggas
6. Luis is someone that is just so amazing that people worship but misspell his name calling him Jesus by accident it's ridiculous
Girl1: You see Luis over there
Girl2: yea he just cut that bumass niggas ass
by Pr0xxycut January 04, 2015
A young, sexy, dark haired cuban that will swear on his life that he loves you and would never leave you, for any reason.

Except if the relationship is long distance, then he'll settle for any girl that lives closer.
"Did you meet that Luis kid? He's so sweet!"
"Yeah, that's what all his girlfriends said before he left them for someone else."
"Oh.. He's one of those kind of guys?"
"That's what I've heard. You can never trust those brown eyed cubans."
by pastabox(: November 26, 2012
A Sexy male with dark skin and beautiful brown eyes, fit with great hair. Loving and Caring but likes to get to the point. Loves sex is good in bed loves lesbians and has a big dick. He knows how to play around with your titties and pussy. A guy you cant go without talking to
Jassay: omigawd!

Jan: Dang Gurl Wut?

Jassay: oooo I Wus With a guy Last nite he was a total luis

Jan: dang did he do you nice and slow?

Jassay: Heeeell naw gurl hes a luis. Remember? he rammed me until i squirted

Jan: dang Wanna Share?
by louisdaone June 19, 2015
LUI - Liking while Under The Influence

The act of someone going on a 'liking spree' while intoxicated only to wake up the next day and remove most of what was 'liked' the previous night.

LUI may lead to embarrassment, loss of friends, and hangovers. Goes hand in hand with damage control and the sudden modification of privacy settings.
(friend) "I saw that you liked the 'Mike The Situation Sorrentino loverz!" page yesterday at 1:30am... LUI?"
(you) *sigh* "... yeah."
by earsmcgillicuddy November 19, 2010
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