A extremely cute mexican boy, usually tall and has a cute smile. he is a great friend and will always be there for you. usually has black hair (of course) and likes it straight. has an amazing smile but hates it.
awh look at luis today, hes smiling...isnt it cute?!
by Shannonxox September 07, 2010
adj: someone who is really shy when it comes to girls. He makes elaborate plans to try to talk to them but never executes them. If a girl likes him he usually decides to ignore him.
me: Hey dude cristina likes you. You should go talk to her!

luis: *gets nervous* well i dont know maybe if plan some thing to say...*starts making complex plan*

me: wow your such a luis
by vagman:) August 16, 2009
Super hot guy who can easily get along with Gemini female!
Also Very Attractive and One of the best male alive along with Who Da Homies . very rare and hard to find his kind of love! Usually You'll find him at a very romantic spot... but not alone ... always he'll be with his number one girl... LNM forever
You Wanna Sing to me? Yeah Fo Sho Luis
by 352LNM4EVER52 November 06, 2009
Living Under the Infuence
"I'll be LUI till the day I die, fuck being sober."
by Jeezy 03 August 22, 2006
A Latino male with dark hair and eyes. Knows how to dress classy while still being the most honest and respectful guy. Every girl's dream boyfriend. Usually difficult to understand and emotional at times. Shy at first, but if he opens up to you he's the best lover you'll find. Generally attracted to blondes, and will always find a way to satisfy your love cravings. Awesome bro to be with and loves music. Isn't afraid to dance a beat if he feels like it, but he's modest so he doesn't try showing off. Very straight forward, and pretty oblivious to flirts. If you like him say so, he wont play tricks or cheat, so dont worry. If you let a guy like this go, you've gotta go see a mental hospital for your stupidity!
Girl 1: That guy Luis is pretty cute, I don't think he likes me tho.
Girl 2: He just doesn't show it but he's head over heels with you. Definitely won't cheat or lie to you. He's the perfect boyfriend!
by iceman4190 May 19, 2013
1.A sexy, young, dark-hair/dark-eyed tall male with an irresistibly attractive face beautiful personality c; he's the sweetest guy you could ever meet has a perfect image of future boyfriend and perf body like OMG total OVARY BURNER lol if you let him go you need help. Luis is a guy you'd want to be around a guy you wished would hold you cause his hugs seems so warm and full of love<3

2.has FINE written all over them
3.pure gentlemen with class
me: i wish my boyfriend was like Luis
friend: you mean a perfect guy
by maryloveswafflesandhim February 11, 2013
a spanish person who has alot of girlfriends, is a pimp and has a very big penis. they are usually colombian. they are awsome friends and can have your back with anything you ask them. they are one of the only people that can have you back they are very trustful and respectful people.
i told a secret to luis today, and i know his going to keep it a secret. i can trust luis with anything.
by wassup1993 December 11, 2010

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