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Latino with a big dick loves getting head from his friends hairy
hey Luis

watcha doin
jacking off
by Butt holes March 26, 2013
a spanish person who has alot of girlfriends, is a pimp and has a very big penis. they are usually colombian. they are awsome friends and can have your back with anything you ask them. they are one of the only people that can have you back they are very trustful and respectful people.
i told a secret to luis today, and i know his going to keep it a secret. i can trust luis with anything.
by wassup1993 December 11, 2010
1.A sexy, young, dark-hair/dark-eyed tall male with an irresistibly attractive face beautiful personality c; he's the sweetest guy you could ever meet has a perfect image of future boyfriend and perf body like OMG total OVARY BURNER lol if you let him go you need help. Luis is a guy you'd want to be around a guy you wished would hold you cause his hugs seems so warm and full of love<3

2.has FINE written all over them
3.pure gentlemen with class
me: i wish my boyfriend was like Luis
friend: you mean a perfect guy
by maryloveswafflesandhim February 11, 2013
Acronym: Laugh Until I Shit

Slight variation on the original lol but showing more enthusiasm.

*Not to be confused with LEWIS which is the acronym for "Laugh Even While I Shit".

So while "LUIS" means it was so funny it made u shit, "LEWIS" means it was funny but not enough as to demand your attention away from taking a shit.
So next time you get that awesome random picture from a buddy that made you snicker in the manager's meeting this morning, don't worry about a long drawn out response. Just reply 'Luis'.
by Murdoch Pizgatti February 17, 2011
A young, sexy, dark haired cuban that will swear on his life that he loves you and would never leave you, for any reason.

Except if the relationship is long distance, then he'll settle for any girl that lives closer.
"Did you meet that Luis kid? He's so sweet!"
"Yeah, that's what all his girlfriends said before he left them for someone else."
"Oh.. He's one of those kind of guys?"
"That's what I've heard. You can never trust those brown eyed cubans."
by pastabox(: November 26, 2012
LUI - Liking while Under The Influence

The act of someone going on a 'liking spree' while intoxicated only to wake up the next day and remove most of what was 'liked' the previous night.

LUI may lead to embarrassment, loss of friends, and hangovers. Goes hand in hand with damage control and the sudden modification of privacy settings.
(friend) "I saw that you liked the 'Mike The Situation Sorrentino loverz!" page yesterday at 1:30am... LUI?"
(you) *sigh* "... yeah."
by earsmcgillicuddy November 19, 2010
Maximum Tune - To Ram Someone Into the Corner of the Wall.
Oh my god! Mike luied Carson into the f**king wall! LOL!
by HKLui February 02, 2010