When a male rests his penis on the upper lip of somebody asleep, so as to give them a penis mustache.
"Dude, did you see Charles giving that chick a luigi last night? I got pictures of that shit, it was fucking disgusting." Verb form : "Travis was totally luigi'd last night."
by 3real February 22, 2012
1. A slang term meaning simply moustache. Named after the character from Super Mario Bros (Mario doesn't have the same ring to it).

2. "Growing a Luigi". A term for the stubble found on adoloscent boys when they attempt to grow a moustache after entering puberty.
1. Andrew: Nice Luigi you have there, Matt.

Matt: Thanks man, I trimmed it yesterday.

2. John: Tim, you growing a Luigi? At least you're trying.
by djskein November 18, 2007
After some anal sex, the dude inserts a piece of PVC pipe into the blown out anus of the chick, and precedes to shit into it while humming the underground mario theme music (deedah deedah deedah, deedah deedah deedah). Upon completion of this, the chick shits out dude's shit.
Dude, I gave that chick the Luigi last night!
by Macinater July 21, 2010
the gay brother of mario from the super mario series. luigi tends to have his ass handed to him.
luigi: Itsa me! luigi!
Guy: no one cares!
by Son of Stone February 20, 2010
Hey dude , your turning into a Luigi !
by stonkey123 April 25, 2009
In golf, a putt longer than the length of the flagstick. See also guido
Now THAT a mufughin' luigi!
by Kid Fury October 28, 2004
That guy that Mario likes to ride. He's green, but can turn blue when Mario's been on him long enough.
Mario: Hoho! *jumps on Luigi's back*
by Ninjagecko August 03, 2007
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