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loogie; snot Based after the green plumber Luigi.
After she blew her nose luigi was on the tissue.
by guy55555 June 18, 2011
9 6
a sexy man with a 6pack.
by Gatorade091405 August 29, 2009
11 11
One of the most inconsiderate peace of shit on the planet. When sitting in class on a hot summer day he will realise a fart that will awake the dead. He has a great interest for cowboys,bikers,hockey,WWE,Ass,women,canucks. he likes to dress like a biker cowboy wrestler outlaw trench coat guy. He likes to yell canucks in school.
Guy1- who just farted?
Guy2- it was that luigi kid.
Guy1- it smells like rotten eggs.
Guy2- Pukes all over the floor.
Guy1- pass out in the puke.
by fatman69 January 10, 2013
1 3
Slang term for marijuana. A reference to the fact that Luigi's primary color is green. Get it?

Damn, that shit is so dank that it puts Luigi to shame!
by Nick Carlson January 02, 2009
10 12
When a male rests his penis on the upper lip of somebody asleep, so as to give them a penis mustache.
"Dude, did you see Charles giving that chick a luigi last night? I got pictures of that shit, it was fucking disgusting." Verb form : "Travis was totally luigi'd last night."
by 3real February 22, 2012
1 5
a handsome and talented person. is pretty much friends with anyone unless you screw with his friends. luigi's make great boyfriends but sometimes have trust issues. the best kind of luigi has dark hair and brown eyes. if you have a luigi in your life consider yourself lucky.
wow this guy is perfect he must be a luigi
by anelle April 24, 2010
7 12
1. A slang term meaning simply moustache. Named after the character from Super Mario Bros (Mario doesn't have the same ring to it).

2. "Growing a Luigi". A term for the stubble found on adoloscent boys when they attempt to grow a moustache after entering puberty.
1. Andrew: Nice Luigi you have there, Matt.

Matt: Thanks man, I trimmed it yesterday.

2. John: Tim, you growing a Luigi? At least you're trying.
by djskein November 18, 2007
4 13