Marios younger brother. Its pretty sad, because in the mario and luigi game on gameboy, when people see you they say "WOW!! Its mario and green dude!!". Often underestimated as a sidekick to mario but is actually better. He is not as fat, can jump way higher, and is much faster. He finally got recognized as a main characyer in the game Luigi's Mansion, a title released at the time of gamecubes launch. A mario game, super mario sunshine actuallt wasnt realeased until some time later.
Player 1: Damn, Mario wont jump that gap!! Player 2: You should of used Luigi, fuckface!!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 26, 2003
1: The most underrated Nintendo character, and also my favorite. He wears a green shirt with blue overalls, and a green cap with the letter 'L' on it (Although back in SMB1, he wore white with green overalls), and was underrated and overlooked until he got his own game.
2: The best character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, no doubt. Much better, in fact TIMES better than Mario in all aspects of combat, with useful smash moves and devastating aerial attacks.
It's no wonder you have to unlock Luigi, he's so damn good. Fuck Mario, let's give Luigi props for a change.
by Hand Hanzo January 22, 2005
He's a mean green fighting machine. Mario's younger and under-rated brother. Everyone thinks he's cooler than mario. He jumps higher, he's not a fatass, He sucks up ghosts with his trusty dusty polturgust 3000. All Mario can do is run a bit faster. What good is that? He's a fatass too because he's been eating too many pizzas.
"Omigosh Mario is soooo coooool!"
"Fuck Mario! He had to be rescued by his brother TWICE. What the fuck has he done for him?"
"You're right... Omigosh Luigi is soooo coooool!"

*Mario gets captured* "Help me Luigi!"
"Fuck-a-you You piece of-a-shit you a-deserve it. I'm not a-saving your ass again."
by Luigi June 19, 2006
Always within his older brothers shadow, Luigi is always "Player #2." He likes long walks on the beach, his hat hand washed, and brutally murdering mutant turtle dragons. He'd do anything to get into the spotlight for just once.
"It's-a me, a-Luigiiiiiii!!!!!"
by Kooper113 August 30, 2003
Player 2 in Mario Bros. Has since then gotten more and more personality, while Mario seems to have none.
"Dude, Luigi should get to be in the spotlight more! He's taller and can jump higher!"
by Fredde September 07, 2004
the sexiest gaming mascot alive-kiks mario's sorry fat ass by a lot. Has one of the best games ever-Luigi's Mansion. EVERYone underestimates the gaming hottie. Mario should be the side kick--he's slower, fatter, and a lousy jumper. Luigi's jumps are super long! GO LUIGI!!!!

It's-a-me, A-Luigi! Lets-a Go!!!! mama mia
by Ilove canada September 13, 2005
Although he is always upstaged by his fat brother, Mario, Luigi is obviously more skilled. He can run faster, jump higher, and doesn't eat as many pizzas. He also sucks nasty ghosts up with his trusty Poltergust 3,000. He can do all of this... and all Mario can do is shoot water at stuff with FLUDD. Luigi isn't just the most underrated Mario character, but the most underrated Nintendo character too.

In 2D platformers, Player 2 is always Luigi. Luigi has only had two games starring him: Mario Is Missing, which shunned Luigi more, it being a crappy edutainment game, and Luigi's Mansion, which was a lot better and introduced the trusty Poltergust 3,000. Both of these involved Luigi saving Mario, which shows how lucky that fat-ass is.
Mario: "Luigi! Help! The Boos are taking me away again!"

Luigi: "Too bad, you ungrateful fat-ass! And if you get back, I'll beat your sorry ass!
by The random jerk August 23, 2007
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